The CorePoint was launched in 2010 to help financial institutions across the U.S. profitably price and sell long term savings deposits. After decades in financial institution leadership, founder Neil Stanley, decided to take what he had learned, developed, and refined in the financial institutions he had led and create a product line up that he found was missing in the market.  The company’s services use innovative processes and products; the CoreCD® interactive sales platform; and training to equip and empower subscribing clients to apply ideal methods to effectively attract and retain all the funding they need at the lowest possible cost.  Our systems enable financial institution employees to display and deliver value that goes beyond rate alone. 

The company invented and introduced Limited Edition Savings, Companion Deposit Accounts, Pressure Gauge for Bank Funding found at http://pressuregauge.core-cd.com/, and Early Withdrawal Campaigns; and operationalized the effective deployment of CDs with customized maturity dates.  

The company’s two U.S. patents 1) Provide the optimal way to refinance low-rate time deposits as rates rise and 2) Deliver a daily redeemable time deposit that has the look and feel of mutual funds. These enhanced approaches to term deposits take nothing away from financial institutions while delivering greater value to depositors. These methodologies have the power to revitalize insured time deposits by unleashing the limitations embedded in traditional insured CDs.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you what we can do!   Our systems and processes have proven to substantially increase financial performance, enhance employee professionalism and morale, and positively impress customers.

Today we help financial institutions that:

  • Are worried about being forced to reprice current deposits upwards

  • Want to avoid dramatic deposit rate increases

  • Have some aggressive competitors for deposits

  • Are currently offering deposit interest rates greater than the local competition and national averages

  • Have observed a decline in deposits in recent weeks

  • Have dependency upon FHLB and/or brokered deposits

  • Find passing higher cost of funds onto borrower interest rates to be challenging

  • Have high or increasing loan/core deposit ratios

  • Have relatively high cost of funds currently

  • Have substantial unrealized bond losses that make accessing that liquidity problematic

  • Need and want more profitably priced core deposits