CoreCD® Base is a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to sell time deposits (CDs).  We’ve made the boring, static rate sheet, personalized for your customers!  It’s easy for the front line to show each offer available to your customer – with a simple click.  You can also utilize any rate survey data you subscribe to right at the front line and show your customers how your offers stack up with your competition in dollars.  CoreCD® Base energizes the CD conversation and your organization can be up and running in a matter of days!

• CoreCD® Customized is a comprehensive package of pricing strategy, analytics and sales training.  You will energize your front line sales staff, reduce CD interest expense by 10 to 40 basis points and receive a monthly reporting package to track performance and guide future decisions.  Whether your goal is growth, maintenance, or well managed “run-off” our CoreCD® Customize system will get you the results you want!

•   CoreCD® Premium Services – These patented processes round out the full suite of the most effective time deposit suite of products on the market.  CDtwo® allows financial institutions to offer a “market value” CD and appeal to a more sophisticated investor across both the business and retail spectrum.  CD Revolution® provides your front line with a simple web based tool to walk customers through the opportunity for refinancing their CD investments away from your competitors.  Both products provide a durable competitive advantage and come with on-site training by one of our professionals.

• The CorePoint™ Analytics Package – For the financial institution that is looking for the best analytics on the market - The CorePoint analytics package is delivered monthly and provides customers with unlimited guidance from one of our market experts.

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