Testimonials and Commendations

 CoreCD® Financial Impact Case Study


Training Director, United Prairie Bank, Mankato, MN

Our collaboration with The CorePoint took our deposit program and execution from conventional to inspired. CorePoint covers the entire spectrum – intelligence, strategy, tactics and the CoreCD tool – to build a program that delivers both profitability to the bank AND value for the customer.


VP of Retail, Collins Community Credit Union, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Core CD products and tools have been excellent at assisting our credit union in being strategic about deposit pricing and managing our cost of funds. Beyond the products and tools, the team at Core CD has been phenomenal. Every employee we have encountered has been supportive, education focused, and tailored to our specific credit union. We have felt like we have been receiving white glove service since the day we engaged in Core CD. We appreciate that the Core CD team is extremely strategic and not shy to share creative ways to appropriately manage our deposit and member relationships. If I were to sum up Core CD in four words, I would say flexible, strategic, supportive, and fun!


CFO, United Prairie Bank, Mankato, MN

CoreCD empowers our personal bankers to be better financial advisors. Rather than simply laying out our CD terms and rates, the program enables the banker to have an insightful conversation with the customer and create a customized plan that delivers solid value but maintains bank profitability


Education Specialist, First Dakota National Bank, Yankton, SD

CoreCD has allowed us to empower our Universal Bankers to have great conversations with our CD customers! They have a tool now that lets them educate customers on CD choices, and in turn, empowers our customers to make financial decisions they are happy with


SVP Director of Lobby Services, First Dakota National Bank, Yankton, SD

Julia Hernandez is simply the best.  She was an integral part of our CoreCD roll out. Her training is second to none.  She also facilitates quarterly CoreCD huddles for our Universal Bankers.  These huddles consist of timely, relevant tips and tricks and our UB’s enjoy hearing from Julia on a regular basis.


 Chief Risk Officer, TS Bank, Treynor, Iowa
“It doesn't take guts to buy into a system that makes sense, gives management more control, produces positive energy, and consistently works.  Your approach really takes the pain and indecision out of pricing time deposits.  After four years of experience on the system, I struggle to fathom a banker applying your approach and subsequently reverting back to old methods."


President, Pinnacle Bank, Elberton, Georgia
“We have had an association with Neil Stanley at Bank Performance Strategies for a number of years.  His system has helped us book correctly priced CD’s and helped our personal bankers educate our customers on how to make good decisions when purchasing CDs.”


EVP, Greenfield Savings Bank, Greenfield, Massachusetts…
“Our staff loves your product!  I thought I would pass along a recent story about the SRDS…This was my first customized CD that I did. I had a customer yesterday who wanted to get 1.03 for her third 36 month CD. At the time of her other 2 CD’s maturing a supervisor had given a co-worker permission for her to have 10 basis points. I told her that we could no longer do that rate. I then customized the CD for her to give her the best rate. The rate for 36 month was .94. She still wasn’t happy with that. I then stretched it out for 39 months and that gave her 1.04. Better than she was able to get before!  She was really happy! This is a great tool that we have! It gives you a sense of empowerment and satisfaction to be able to help your customer and meet their needs!”


 Co-Founder & Publisher of CBInsight.comTop Contributor shares...

While most community bankers have generally been in a state of hibernation regarding time deposits much has changed. Many bankers will be surprised as they come out of their hibernation. Neil Stanley tells us how to revitalize time deposits.


President and CFO, Northwest Bank, Spencer, Iowa…
“The number one impact of Neil’s deposit strategies was deposit pricing discipline.   Discipline to know when to advertise specials and at what price and discipline to empower retail bankers to make pricing decisions depending on the customer’s needs.

Using a disciplined approach the Bank reduced its cost of funds from 3.77% in December 2006 to 1.58% in November 2009.  The most dramatic reduction came with radical rate reductions to tiered checking, money market and savings accounts.   The introduction of the Limited Edition product during the rate slide of 2008 and 2009 provided a liquid reasonably priced savings alternative product.  Also Limited Edition stabilized customer retention – they opted to remain customers until such time they would choose to return to the time CD environment.”


Top 5 reasons to revitalize retail time deposits now « CB Insight cbinsight.com

The banking industry has run off over $1 trillion (1/3) of their time deposit funding since 2008. That was good for banks as long as interest rates were going south. However since May 2013, the 5-year FHLB advance rates have doubled. Now we begin to...


Tim Keith Partner, InFusion Marketing Group

Good stuff Neil. A lot of bankers are in denial about the risk that currently exist in their consumer deposit portfolios.

President, Treynor State Bank, Treynor, Iowa…
 “You would think CDs are a basic offering, but this system has some tactics that are revolutionizing the product into the future”.



  Andrew Williams Managing Partner at The Associates and Williams LLC

Neil hits it on the head. Way too long have financial institutions been limited in the thinking on what is in the best interest of the customer and lack of management of the funding flexibility that is needed in these very tough limited spread times. Neil has provided the frame work to expand not only the just in time funding but the flexible nature that the consumer and corporate depositor is looking for. 


President, Valley Bank and Trust, Scottsbluff, Nebraska…
 “I believe the Stanley Retail Deposit System deals with the essential elements of managing time deposit sales.  It won’t take long for the word to get out in the community concerning this product.” 


 Mark Zmarzly Entrepreneur • Sales & Marketing Strategist • Connector • Lifelong Learner • Speaker

Great article, Neil! It's been so long since FIs had to market CDs in a competitive rate environment I don't know that many will be prepared for the ways that technology has changed the consumer's shopping preferences. Good things to think on! 


Retail Bank Executive, Northwest Bank, Spencer, IA…
“The Stanley Retail Deposit System allowed us to be truthful to ourselves; not to be the bank of matching. That is not fun. Techniques you brought were back to the basics of good old banking that I was taught from the beginning of time.

Customized CDs is a great tool that allows customers at our desk to see where the market trend is and that we are not just placing rates out there. 
Providing comparisons with local competitors in terms of dollars difference at maturity allows customers to see end value or monthly value rather than just rate.  It allows them to see the actual dollars and cents difference that separates financial institutions and many times will save customer from pulling from us or to see that our service as a whole will be win-win in the end by tools we use to get them the best possible performance in products offered.

Limited Edition was and is another great tool.  Many times over these funds remain in this account rather than being rolled over to a fixed rate product.  Depositors are very okay with how it works, and we do see many that will actually request this product if they have used it with us previously.”


 Kyle Hershberger Sales and Marketing Idea Generator

Great insights from Neil!


Bob Wojtowicz VP/Managing Director of Analytics and Research at Fifth Third Bank

Spot on with analysis of the details - thanks for sharing/producing.